Museum of the Oregon Territory

The Willamette Valley & Wine Country

Exhibits at this engaging museum include a chunk of the Willamette Meteorite, the largest meteorite found in the US (the rest is at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City). There's also information on Oregon's founding fathers, Native American relics, an old wagon and a full-size historic pharmacy. Head up to the 2nd floor for a view of the dam and Willamette Falls.

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1. Willamette Falls

0.25 MILES

At the heart of town, 1500ft-wide Willamette Falls is the second-most-powerful waterfall in the US.

2. Municipal Elevator

0.44 MILES

Oregon City was initially built at river level, but as it grew, it moved higher. In 1912 residents started talking about an elevator that would join the …

3. Stevens-Crawford House Museum

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For a taste of the past, step into this historic museum. Owned by a pioneering family, the 1908 house still boasts most of its original furniture and…

4. McLoughlin House

0.51 MILES

This 1845 house was built by John McLoughlin, who was called the 'father of Oregon' for his hand in helping found Oregon City – the West's first city. At…

5. Tryon Creek State Natural Area


This verdant 670-acre forest offers a nature center, stream-side wildlife and 8 miles of trails, including a 3-mile paved bike path. Late March brings…

6. Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

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7. Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

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The large, beautiful grounds at this 5-acre garden near Reed College are covered with more than 2000 full-grown rhododendrons, azaleas and other plants,…

8. Aerial Tram

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Portland's aerial tram runs from the South Waterfront (where there's a streetcar stop) to Marquam Hill about every six minutes. The tram runs along a…