Vancouver National Historic Reserve

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Situated within easy walking distance of the city center is Vancouver's most important historical monument, and also one of the most important statewide. The Historic Reserve is a large complex that comprises an archaeological site, the region's first military post, a waterfront trail and one of the nation's oldest operating airfields, but the highlight is the reconstructed Fort Vancouver Historic Site. Start at the visitor center – with a small museum and a fascinating video on the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Along the northern side of E Evergreen Blvd are the historic homes of Officers Row. Built between 1850 and 1906 for US Army officers and their families, they are currently rented out as offices and apartments. Three of the homes are open for self-guided tours: Grant House, Marshall House and OO Howard House. Also stop in at the nearby Pearson Air Museum, devoted to the history of Northwest aviation. The lovely open spaces of the historic reserve are great places to enjoy a picnic, fly a kite or take a stroll. A land bridge connects the reserve with the Columbia River waterfront.

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