Williams Research Center

French Quarter

Dedicated travelers and history heads should pop into the Williams Research Center; if you have specific queries about almost anything to do with New Orleans, the staff can help. The archives contain more than 350,000 images and some 2 miles of manuscripts.

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Nearby French Quarter attractions

1. New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

0.08 MILES

This beautifully preserved shop, groaning with ancient display cases filled with intriguing little bottles, was established in 1823 by Louis J Dufilho, at…

2. Michalopoulos Gallery

0.09 MILES

Michalopoulos has become one of New Orleans’ most popular painters in recent years, in part on the strength of his best-selling Jazz Fest posters. His…

3. A Gallery for Fine Photography


This impressive gallery usually has prints such as William Henry Jackson’s early-20th-century views of New Orleans and EJ Bellocq’s rare images of…

4. Historic New Orleans Collection

0.12 MILES

A combination of preserved buildings, museums and research centers all rolled into one, the Historic New Orleans Collection is a good introduction to the…

5. Musical Legends Park

0.18 MILES

This pleasant little public square is peppered with statues of some of New Orleans’ great musical heroes: Louis Prima, Chris Owens, Pete Fountain, Al Hirt…

6. Hermann-Grima House

0.18 MILES

Samuel Hermann, a Jewish merchant who married a Catholic woman, introduced the American-style Federal design to the Quarter in 1831. Hermann sold the…

7. Cabildo

0.19 MILES

The former seat of government in colonial Louisiana now serves as the gateway to exploring the history of the state in general, and New Orleans in…

8. Riverfront

0.21 MILES

It’s supremely pleasant to stroll up to the Mississippi River as it runs by the Quarter. The entire riverfront area has been landscaped with pedestrian…