Bourbon Street in the New Orleans French Quarter.

©Kris Davidson/Lonely Planet

Upper Bourbon Street

French Quarter

Like Vegas and Cancun, the main stretch of Bourbon St is where the great id of the repressed American psyche is let loose into a seething mass of karaoke, strip clubs and bachelorette parties. It's one of the tackiest experiences in the world, but it can be fun for an evening. As one T-shirt here says, 'I'm more wasted than a liberal arts degree.'

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby French Quarter attractions

1. Royal Street

0.07 MILES

Royal Street, with its rows of high-end antique shops, galleries and potted ferns hanging from cast-iron balconies, is the elegant yin to well known…

2. Museum of Death

0.14 MILES

If death is your thing, or you have an interest in serial killers, the Museum of Death will not disappoint. Starting with skulls (both animal and human)…

3. New Orleans Cotton Exchange

0.15 MILES

For much of its history, the economy of New Orleans was built on cotton and slavery. The former industry was largely brokered out of this building, where…

4. Musical Legends Park

0.16 MILES

This pleasant little public square is peppered with statues of some of New Orleans’ great musical heroes: Louis Prima, Chris Owens, Pete Fountain, Al Hirt…

5. A Gallery for Fine Photography

0.18 MILES

This impressive gallery usually has prints such as William Henry Jackson’s early-20th-century views of New Orleans and EJ Bellocq’s rare images of…

6. Michalopoulos Gallery

0.18 MILES

Michalopoulos has become one of New Orleans’ most popular painters in recent years, in part on the strength of his best-selling Jazz Fest posters. His…

7. United Fruit Company

0.21 MILES

A cornucopia of tropical produce graces the entrance to this building. The United Fruit Company, infamous for neocolonial practices in Central America,…

8. Insectarium

0.26 MILES

We'll be honest: if you're not a fan of bugs and creepy-crawlies, you may be happier elsewhere, because at this lively museum, you'll do more than stare…