Taos Pueblo

Top choice in Central New Mexico

The Pueblo is centered on twin five-story adobe complexes, set on either side of the Río Pueblo de Taos, against the stunning backdrop of the Sangre de Cristos mountains. The quintessential example of ancient Pueblo architecture, they’re thought to have been completed by around 1450 AD. Modern visitors are thus confronted by the same staggering spectacle as New Mexico’s earliest Spanish colonists, though a small and very picturesque Catholic mission church now stands nearby. The walking tour (by donation) is highly recommended.

Led by residents and tribal members, these guided walking tours of the Pueblo explain the highlights of its unique history and culture. You'll also have the chance to buy fine jewelry, pottery and other arts and crafts, and sample flatbread baked in traditional beehive-shaped adobe ovens. Note that the Pueblo closes for 10 weeks February through mid-April, and at other times for ceremonies and events; call ahead or check the website for dates.