Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area

Jersey Shore

Here you’ll find the nation’s oldest lighthouse; excellent birding in a holly forest; outstanding views of Manhattan’s skyline on clear days; beautiful white dunes; and even a nude beach alongside a gay beach (area G).

Best of all, you can get here via a ferry from Lower Manhattan in a cool and salty 45 minutes. Bring your bike along for the ride, and you can enjoy the paved bike paths through the dunes and pedal on to the nearby towns of Atlantic Highlands and Highlands.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Jersey Shore attractions

1. Twin Lights of Navesink

1.88 MILES

If you can't get enough of Jersey lighthouses, the medieval-like brownstone double towers of Navesink offer an awesome – and free – view of Sandy Hook Bay…

2. Sandy Hook Lighthouse

2.79 MILES

The oldest operating lighthouse in the country. Admission by tour only; visitors must be at least 4ft tall. Reservations are recommended; show up in the…

3. Coney Island

10.34 MILES

About an hour by subway from Midtown, this popular seaside neighborhood makes for a great day trip. The wide sandy beach has retained its nostalgic,…

4. Deno’s Wonder Wheel

10.38 MILES

The pink-and-mint-green Deno’s Wonder Wheel dates back all the way to 1920 (fear not: it gets a yearly overhaul and has never had an accident). It's the…

5. New York Aquarium

10.4 MILES

This kid-friendly aquarium has several different exhibits around its central courtyard. Penguins, otters and seals frolic in the Sea Cliffs display. The…

6. Coney Art Walls

10.41 MILES

This open-air public museum of street art features 35 freestanding walls transformed each season into colorful murals by emerging and renowned graffiti…

7. Luna Park

10.47 MILES

The original Luna Park, the most famous of Coney Island's competing amusement parks, opened in 1903 and reigned for decades until destroyed by fire in the…

8. Riis Beach & Fort Tilden

11.52 MILES

All the way at the bottom of the city, to the West of the quaint Rockaways, are Riis Beach and Fort Tilden, where New Yorkers of all stripes come to let…