Witch History Museum


This 'museum' utilizes scary-looking mannequins to recount the history of the Salem witch trials. It has re-created scenes from 'Old Salem village,' including a meeting with Tituba and a visit to Reverend Parris' kitchen. Enthusiastic tour guides wear period clothing. There's definitely a gift shop.

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1. TV Land Statue

0.09 MILES

After remembering the very real tragedy of the Salem witch trials, you can have your picture taken with Samantha Stephens, the spell-casting, nose…

2. Witch Trials Memorial

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The most poignant site in Salem is the Witch Trials Memorial, a quiet park behind the Peabody Essex Museum, where simple stones are inscribed with the…

3. Peabody Essex Museum

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All of the art, artifacts and curiosities that Salem merchants brought back from the Far East were the foundation for this museum. Founded in 1799, it is…

4. Yin Yu Tang

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Contained within the Peabody Essex Museum, this 16-room Chinese house was shipped to the museum from China's southeastern Huizhou region.

5. Witch Dungeon Museum


This place offers a 15-minute live re-enactment of a witch trial, using historical transcripts for dialog (which is interesting, but it makes it difficult…

6. Salem Witch Museum

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Housed in a creepy Romanesque church, this so-called museum starts with a presentation of life-size dioramas, with a voice-over recounting the narrative…

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Of more than a score of witchy attractions in town, this is the only actual historic site. The house was once the home of Jonathan Corwin, a local…

8. Punto Urban Art Museum

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If you walk south on Lafayette from Derby St, you'll find yourself on the other side of the tracks (or river, in this case). Welcome to El Punto, or ‘The…