Madaket Beach


There's not a lot to see at Nantucket's western outpost, but this beach, at the end of its namesake bike path, is the island's ace place to watch sunsets. The strong currents and heavy surf make it less than ideal for swimming, but there's some attractive beach walking to be done.

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1. Cisco Beach

2.85 MILES

You'll find some of the most consistently surfable waves at Cisco Beach, at the end of Hummock Pond Rd. The on-site Nantucket Island Surf School can…

2. Old Gaol

5.01 MILES

To see where drunken sailors used to spend the night, visit the Old Gaol, the c 1806 jail that served Nantucket for 125 years. It was constructed using…

3. Jethro Coffin House


Built in 1686, the Jethro Coffin House is the town’s oldest building still on its original foundation. It’s in a traditional ‘salt box’ style, with south…

4. Old Mill

5.23 MILES

The Old Mill is America’s oldest working windmill (c 1746), as game young docents will demonstrate by grinding corn (weather conditions permitting). It's…

5. Hadwen House

5.24 MILES

A walk through the Nantucket Historical Association’s Hadwen House, a Greek Revival home built in 1845 by a whaling merchant, provides testimony to just…

6. Jetties Beach

5.31 MILES

Jetties Beach, 1 mile northwest of town via N Beach St, is the best all-round beach close to town. It's well equipped with changing rooms, a skateboard…

7. First Congregational Church

5.33 MILES

Everyone comes to this church, which traces its roots to the early 1700s, for the eagle-eye view from the top of the steeple. It's well worth the 94-step…

8. Museum of African American History

5.39 MILES

The Nantucket campus of this museum stands as testimony to the influential African American community that thrived on the island in the 19th century. It…