Venice Boardwalk

Top choice waterfront in Venice, Marina Del Rey & Playa del Rey
Image by Hisham Ibrahim / Getty Images

Life in Venice moves to a different rhythm and nowhere more so than on the famous Venice Boardwalk, officially known as Ocean Front Walk. It’s a freak show, a human zoo and a wacky carnival alive with Hula-Hoop magicians, old-timey jazz combos, solo distorted garage rockers and artists (good and bad) – as far as LA experiences go, it’s a must.

The Sunday-afternoon drum circle draws hundreds of revelers for tribal jamming and spontaneous dancing on the grassy mounds (sometimes beats migrate to the sand, as well). If the noise doesn’t guide you there, just follow your nose towards skunky cigarettes from cannabis shops. Don’t miss the tagged-up towers and the free-standing concrete wall, forever open to aerosol Picassos.