Homage to a Starry Night

Venice, Marina Del Rey & Playa del Rey

A Rip Cronk mural inspired by the Van Gogh original.

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1. Venice Boardwalk


Prepare for a sensory overload on Venice's Boardwalk, a one-of-a-kind experience. Buff bodybuilders brush elbows with street performers and sellers of…

2. Venice Reconstituted

0.27 MILES

Perhaps Venice's signature mural, it depicts an updated version of Botticelli's Birth of Venus, painted by Rip Cronk in 1989.

3. Venice Beach Art Walls

0.31 MILES

These walls, right on the beach, have been covered by generations of graffiti artists from 1961 to the present.

4. Binoculars Building

0.33 MILES

Formerly known as the Chiat/Day Building, this Frank Gehry–designed office building is home to Google and, thanks to its eye-catching architecture and the…

5. Ballerina Clown

0.39 MILES

Even the artist, Jonathan Borofsky, has questioned the taste of this landmark sculpture of a ballerina in a bearded clown mask perched above the corner of…

6. Jim Morrison Mural


Epic 30ft-high portrait of one-time Venice resident Jim Morrison of the rock band The Doors, by Rip Cronk.

7. Abbot Kinney Boulevard

0.45 MILES

Abbot Kinney, who founded Venice in the early 1900s, would probably be delighted to find that one of Venice’s best-loved streets bears his name. Sort of a…