One of LA’s most venerable landmarks, the 1922 Rose Bowl Stadium can seat up to 93,000 spectators and has its moment in the sun every New Year’s Day when it hosts the famous Rose Bowl post-season college football game. At other times, the UCLA Bruins play their home games here, and the occasional concert or special event also brings in the masses. As does a monthly flea market.

The Rose Bowl is surrounded by Brookside Park, which is a nice spot for hiking, cycling and picnicking. Families should check out the excellent Kidspace Children’s Museum, and architecture nuts should look for the palatial 1903 Vista del Arroyo Hotel, now home to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. It’s open to the public, and worth stepping into the law library to see the old, stopped Chicago clock on the south wall and sensational views of the gracefully arched 1913 Colorado St Bridge.