Boat Hoist

Hawaiʻi the Big Island

Bolted to the top of the 40ft cliffs on the western edge of South Point, a boat hoist provides access to small fishing vessels bobbing in the sheltered waters below. Just inland, peer into the large puka (hole) to spy on the ocean raging upward and receding with the waves – a reminder of how dangerous the swells can be. Facilities are limited to a couple of outhouses; pack out your trash.

The boat hoist also provides certain types of visitors with an irresistible urge to fling themselves off the end of the earth. Well, the end of the US anyway. But while it may take courage to jump, the real test of strength comes while climbing back up the slippery swinging ladder.

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1. Kalalea Heiau

0.18 MILES

Testament to the area's important fishing grounds, this ancient temple and shrine is where Hawaiians left offerings in return for a bountiful catch. Some…

2. Ka Lae

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Ka Lae, the southernmost point of the Big Island, feels palpably unwelcoming, yet hauntingly peaceful. It is mostly an empty grassland fringed by restless…

3. Lua ʻO Palehemo

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An old saying goes: 'If you have seen all Kaʻu, but have not seen Palehemo, you have not seen Kaʻu.' This is likely less about the brackish historic…

4. Morse Field

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The landing strip of Morse Field was a fuel stop for a trans-Pacific air ferry route until the attack on Pearl Harbor, after which the army tilled it up…

5. Pakini Nui Wind Farm

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Fourteen turbines operated by Tawhiri Power LLC harvest the South Point winds to power approximate 18,000 homes.

6. Green Sand Beach

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This legendary beach on Mahana Bay isn't really that green, but it is a rare and beautiful sight. Its color comes from crystals of olivine, the mineral…

7. Kamaoa Wind Farm


The rusty carcasses of 37 windmills from the failed Kamaoa wind farm lie next to their foundations along South Point Rd.