Maniniholo Dry Cave

Cave in Haʻena

Maniniholo Dry Cave is deep, broad and rather fun to explore, though the deeper you penetrate the lower the ceiling and the darker your surrounds. A constant seep of water from the cave walls keeps the dark interior dank. As you slowly step toward the rear wall, remember that you are standing below a massive monolith of Jurassic proportions.

You'll not only hear but feel the rumble of thunder and crash of the waves which reverberate all around. And if you believe in that sort of thing and are sensitive to it, you may even feel a palpable mana (spiritual essence), especially near the grouping of stones set up around what looks like a fire pit – perhaps a place of counsel or merely shelter in the days long gone. The cave is named after the head fisherman of the menehune (the ‘little people’) who, according to legend, built ponds and other structures here overnight. It sits directly across from Haʻena Beach Park.