Miami, FL, USA - April 19, 2019: The Art Deco Museum on Ocean Drive at the historical Art Deco District of Miami South Beach in Miami, Fl, United States of America.

Art Deco Museum

South Beach

This small museum is one of the best places in town for an enlightening overview of the art deco district. Through videos, photography, models and other displays, you'll learn about the pioneering work of Barbara Baer Capitman, who helped save these buildings from certain destruction back in the 1970s, and her collaboration with Leonard Horowitz, the talented artist who designed the pastel color palette that become an integral part of the design visible today.

The museum also touches on other key architectural styles in Miami, including Mediterranean Revival (typefied by the Villa Casa Casuarina) and the post-deco boom of MiMo (Miami Modern), which emerged after WWII, and is particularly prevalent in North Miami Beach. The guided Art Deco tour is $25 per person and takes around two hours (10.30am daily) touching on Art Deco, MiMo and Mediterranean Revival movements.

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