Posing is what many people do best in Miami, and there are plenty of skimpily dressed hotties on the Mid-Beach boardwalk, but there are also middle-class Latinos and Jews, who walk their dogs and play with their kids here, giving the entire place a laid-back, real-world vibe that contrasts with the nonstop glamour of South Beach.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Miami attractions

1. Faena Forum

0.22 MILES

Part of the ambitious new $1 billion Faena District, this new cultural center has been turning heads ever since its opening in late 2016. The circular Rem…

2. The Bass

0.64 MILES

The best art museum in Miami Beach has a playfully futuristic facade, a crisp interplay of lines and a bright, white-walled space – like an Orthodox…

3. Fontainebleau

0.88 MILES

As you proceed north on Collins, the condos and apartment buildings grow in grandeur and embellishment until you enter an area nicknamed Millionaire’s Row…

4. Miami Beach Botanical Garden

0.96 MILES

This lush but little-known 2.6 acres of plantings is operated by the Miami Beach Garden Conservancy, and is a veritable green haven in the midst of the…

5. Temple Emanu-El

0.98 MILES

An art-deco temple? Not exactly, but the smooth, bubbly dome and sleek, almost aerodynamic profile of this Conservative synagogue, established in 1938,…

6. Eden Roc Renaissance

1.01 MILES

The Eden Roc was the second groundbreaking resort from Morris Lapidus, and it’s a fine example of the architecture known as MiMo (Miami Modern). It was…

7. Holocaust Memorial

1.03 MILES

Even for a Holocaust piece, this memorial is particularly powerful. With over 100 sculptures, its centerpiece is the Sculpture of Love and Anguish, an…

8. SoundScape Park

1.06 MILES

Outside of the New World Center, this park is one of the best places for open-air screenings in Miami Beach. During some New World Symphony performances,…