Okaloosa Day Use Area

Gulf Coast

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1. Okaloosa Island Pier & Boardwalk

2.05 MILES

Stretching out almost a quarter of a mile into the Atlantic, this popular recreational-fishing pier is open 24 hours in the summer and is illuminated for…

2. Destin Boardwalk & HarborWalk Village

2.94 MILES

This tourist mecca of timeshare condos, boutiques, restaurants, nightclubs and a marina is worth a stroll, especially if you have kids. Most of the area's…

3. Indian Temple Mound & Museum

2.99 MILES

One of the most sacred sites for local Native American culture to this day, the 17ft-tall, 223ft-wide ceremonial and political temple mound, built with…

4. US Air Force Armament Museum

4.93 MILES

One for military buffs. The exterior of this hangar-style museum, flanked by fighter planes, appears small, but inside are extensive weapons displays –…

5. Henderson Beach State Park

7.14 MILES

Our favorite beach area in Destin is this state park, which includes a 0.8-mile nature trail. There are also some excellent beachside campsites ($30),…

6. Seascape Beach

8.35 MILES

Although all of Destin's beaches are family-friendly, this beach is maybe a little more family-friendly, given the presence of restrooms, a picnic area…

7. Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

16.81 MILES

There's some 1640 acres of natural beauty to discover at Topsail, including quiet white-sand beaches, sun-battered wetlands, sand pine scrub forest, a 2.5…

8. Dune Allen Beach

18.56 MILES

Simply one of the more pleasant beaches along South Walton, Dune Allen is a family-friendly slice of sand that's great for the kids, or adults who just…