Stations of the Cross

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Following a path up a small hill, local sculptor Huberto Maestas’ 15 dramatic life-sized statues of Christ's crucifixion are a powerful testament to the Catholic heritage of communities near the ‘Blood of Christ’ Mountains. The sculptures are stationed along a 1-mile pathway – an excellent chance to stretch the legs.

Beginning with Jesus being condemned to death, the bronze statues continue through the Resurrection. From the crucifixion on the mesa summit you can observe the reddish light cast at sunset on the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, including Culebra Peak (14,069ft), giving the mountains their ‘Blood of Christ’ name. You can also look out over San Luis and its surrounding fields and pasture.

For many years, San Luis residents reenacted the capture, trial and crucifixion of Christ during Holy Week (Easter) and also made pilgrimages to the Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent. During the Centennial Jubilee of the Sangre de Cristo Parish in 1986, parish members conceived the Stations of the Cross Shrine to formalize this reenactment.

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