Polish Museum of America

Museum in Wicker Park, Bucktown & Ukrainian Village

If you don’t know Pulaski from a pierogi, this is the place to get the scoop on Polish culture. It’s one of the oldest ethnic museums in the country, crammed with traditional Polish costumes, WWII artifacts, ship models and folk-art pieces. Head up to the 2nd floor and ring the doorbell to get buzzed in.

The curator can give you a personalized tour, since you'll likely be the only one here. It's a fine opportunity to learn about the Poles who helped shape Chicago, which has one of the world's largest Polish communities. (Casimir Pulaski, by the way, was a Polish hero in the American Revolution who was known as the ‘father of the American cavalry’ and the guy who saved George Washington’s life at the Battle of Brandywine; a pierogi, meanwhile, is a Polish dumpling.)