A lovely beach comprising two sandy coves divided by a rocky headland. You can park just south of Whale Bone Reach Rd from where there is a mile-long access trail to the beach via pine trees and meadows. Note that there are no facilities, aside from toilets at the car park.

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1. Walk-On Beach

0.74 MILES

A half-mile trail passes through a large grove of cypress trees leading to a staircase down to this pristine quarter-mile beach. Walkers can follow the…

2. Stengel Beach

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One of a handful of idyllic beaches on this stretch of coastline, Stengel has a large, free car park and a short access trail lined by cypress trees that…

3. Gualala Arts Center


Inland along Old State Hwy, at the south end of town, and beautifully built entirely by volunteers, this center hosts changing exhibitions, organizes the…

4. Annapolis Winery

7.31 MILES

A small, remote, yet utterly charming winery. This super-friendly, mom-and-pop place produces highly regarded small-batch wines. The Gewurztraminer, pinot…

5. Salt Point State Park

13.66 MILES

Stunning 6000-acre Salt Point State Park has sandstone cliffs that drop dramatically into the kelp-strewn sea and hiking trails that crisscross windswept…

6. Stornetta Public Lands

18.76 MILES

For fabulous bird-watching, hiking on terraced rock past sea caves and access to hidden coves, head 1 mile down Lighthouse Rd from Hwy 1 and look for the…

7. Fort Ross State Historic Park

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A curious glimpse into Tsarist Russia’s exploration of the California coast, the salt-washed buildings of Fort Ross State Historic Park offer a…

8. Pennyroyal Farm

20.12 MILES

You'll get the highlights reel of Anderson Valley at this sustainable farm, creamery and vineyard where you can pair small batch cheeses with Alsatian…