Marin Municipal Water District

Marin County

The bulk of Mt Tamalpais' natural areas are managed by the water district. The five reservoirs provide water to Marin County residents, and are beautiful for walking or cycling. Phoenix Lake in the town of Ross is the easiest to access but the tiny parking lot doesn't accommodate visitor numbers; you could wait up to an hour for a space. Lagunitas Lake (up Bolinas Rd from Fairfax) is equally lovely but its $8 parking fee means there's always a space.

Kent, Bon Tempe and Alpine lakes are all more remote.

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Nearby Marin County attractions

1. Marin Museum of Bicycling

3.01 MILES

It should be no surprise to find this small, friendly museum in Marin County, where the sport of mountain biking was born on the slopes of Mt Tamalpais…

2. Mt Tamalpais State Park

3.25 MILES

Mt Tamalpais State Park encompasses 6300 acres of parklands and 60 miles of trails. Get a map and don't miss the summit of East Peak. Panoramic Hwy climbs…

3. Martin Griffin Preserve

3.57 MILES

One of four regional Audubon Canyon Ranch preserves, this place hides in the hills above Bolinas Lagoon. It's a major nesting ground for great blue herons…

4. Stinson Beach

3.96 MILES

Stinson Beach (3 miles long) is a popular surf spot, with swimming advised from late May to mid-September only. For updated weather and surf conditions…

5. Red Rock Beach

4.31 MILES

Red Rock Beach is around 1 mile south of Stinson Beach. It’s clothing-optional and attracts smaller crowds, probably because it can only be accessed via a…

6. Bolinas Museum

4.59 MILES

This courtyard complex of five galleries exhibits local artists and showcases the region’s history. Look for the weathered Bolinas highway sign affixed to…

7. Muir Woods National Monument

4.64 MILES

Muir Woods National Monument is located just a few miles north of San Francisco in Marin County, and is a prime peaceful destination for reflection within…

8. Old Mill Park

4.69 MILES

Several blocks west of downtown is Old Mill Park, perfect for a picnic. Here you’ll also find a replica of the town’s namesake sawmill, and a small…