Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park is the east shore's biggest draw with beaches and hiking for all. Summer crowds splash in the turquoise waters of Sand Harbor. The Flume Trail, a mountain biker's holy grail, starts further south at Spooner Lake.

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Nearby Lake Tahoe attractions

1. Sand Harbor

0.77 MILES

Two sand spits have formed a shallow bay here, with brilliant, warm turquoise water and white, boulder-strewn beaches. It gets very busy, especially…

2. Thunderbird Lodge

1.67 MILES

During summer, you can tour the eccentric Thunderbird Lodge, a neo-Gothic 1930s mansion. The only way to get to the lodge is by shuttle bus, leaving from…

3. Crystal Bay Casino

4.37 MILES

Crossing into Nevada, the neon starts to flash and old-school gambling palaces appear. You can try your luck at the gambling tables or catch a live-music…

4. Kings Beach State Recreation Area

5.74 MILES

In summer much of the action focuses on Kings Beach State Recreation Area, a 700ft-long beach that often gets deluged with sun-seekers and water rats. You…

5. Spooner Lake

6.46 MILES

Spooner Lake is popular for catch-and-release fishing, picnicking, nature walks, backcountry camping and cross-country skiing. It's also the start of the…

7. Mt Rose Wilderness

6.66 MILES

This wild, dramatic and mostly treeless mountain sits just northeast of Lake Tahoe. The protected wilderness area is a popular destination for hikers and…