Redwood Canyon

Kings Canyon National Park

More than 15,000 sequoias cluster in Redwood Canyon, making it one of the world’s largest groves of these giant trees. In an almost-forgotten corner of the park, this secluded forest lets you revel in the grandeur of the trees away from the crowds while you hike mostly moderate trails. What you won’t find here, however, are any of the California coast's redwood trees – that’s what early pioneers mistook these giant sequoias for, hence the erroneous name.

For the best view of this area, hike to the summit of Big Baldy. Alternatively, you can walk in the forest via trailheads at the end of a bumpy 2-mile dirt road (closed in winter) that starts across from the Hume Lake/Quail Flat signed intersection on the Generals Hwy, just over 5 miles southeast of Grant Grove Village. There's also a good spot for a picnic before heading out on a hike.

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7. Hume Lake Recreation Area

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8. Chicago Stump

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