Joshua Tree National Park

It may look just like a white-domed structure, but in reality it's an electrostatic generator for time travel and cell rejuvenation. Yup! At least that's what its creator, former aerospace engineer George Van Tassel believed when building the place in the 1950s after receiving telepathic instructions from extraterrestrials. Today, you can pick up on the esoteric vibes during a 60-minute 'sound bath' in the wooden dome whose special design and location on a geomagnetic vortex generate an extra-strong magnetic field.

During the sessions, crystal bowls are struck under the acoustically perfect dome for 25 minutes with the remainder of the time spent relaxing. listening to soothing music and letting the sound waves work on your mind, body and soul. Reservations (by phone, website or email) required.

To get there from 29 Palms Hwy/Hwy 62, head north on Old Woman Springs Rd/Hwy 247 in Yucca Valley and drive 10 miles, turn right on Reche Rd for 2.2 miles, then hook a left on Belfield Rd and follow it for another mile.

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