Al Badiyah Mosque

Mosque in Fujairah & the Eastern Coast

Badiyah (also spelt Bidyah and Bidiya), 8km north of Khor Fakkan, is famous for its tiny 1446 mosque. The modest stone and mud structure, adorned with four pointed domes and resting on a single internal pillar, is considered the oldest mosque in the UAE.

Non-Muslims are free to take a peek but must be modestly dressed and take off their shoes; women must also cover their hair. Free abayas (full-length robes for women) may be borrowed from the attendant.

The prayer hall has a lovely contemplative feel, enlivened by a red carpet with white dots and leather-bound books stacked into wall niches. The mosque is built into a low hillside along the coastal road just north of Badiyah village and guarded by two ruined watchtowers. It's well worth walking up here for sweeping views of the Hajar Mountains and the Gulf.