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Is it the feeling of being Elsewhere but still in Europe, the bizarre Soviet legacy, the country’s raw history, the unexpected travel experiences, the openness of locals or the stories tall and true of life under post-war communism? Or is it the star-dusted, blacker-than-black nights in Myrhorod, the Nutcracker at the opera house in snow-bound Kyiv, empty churches on rainy autumn Wednesdays in Lviv, or the endless... Read More

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$114 Day Trips & Excursions

Chernobyl Tour from Kiev

Your tour begins by meeting your tour staff at the departure point where they will check your passports and dress code.  Drive to Chernobyl with passing Dytyatky checkpoint (on the border of the 30-km Exclusion Zone). You will see an informative and stunning documentary during the 2-hour ride.Entry to the 30km Exclusion Zone. Meeting your guide (if a guide doesn't come with you from Kiev).Arrival to Chernobyl. Introductory briefing on the Exclusion Zone administrative division and regulations, RAW disposal, etc.Sightseeing Chernobyl town.Entry to the 10 km Zone by passing Leliv checkpoint.On the way to the Power Plant you stop at almost fully buried Kopachi village and check its kindergarten which we can enter.Sightseeing Reactor #4 from a 270m distance and construction site of a new sarcophagus.Stop near the Red Forest and Pripyat road sign.Sightseeing Pripyat town: Lenin Street, the main square, the palace of culture, Polissya hotel, supermarket; Ferris wheel, the stadium, school, swimming pool, hospital, etc.Drive through the tiny part of western radioactive trace.Passage through Leliv checkpoint. Radiation control before the lunch.Lunch at the Chernobyl canteen - all ingredients are brought from the outside and ecologically clean. A vegetarian meal is available upon request.Important -Duga 3 (so called "Russian Woodpecker", military over the horizon radar and it?s base called "Chernobyl 2")Final check out at Dytyatki checkpoint. Compulsory radiation control.Return to Kiev around 6pm

$119 Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Tour of Chernobyl and Prypiat from Kiev

You are welcome to join our scheduled 1-day trip, during which you will see: (There can be some changes due to weather conditions!) - Dytyatky checkpoint, an official entrance to the Exclusion zone; - The village of Zalissya with abandoned houses and barns, a shop and the only self-settler Rozaliya Ivanivna; - A bypass road to the NPP around the town of Chernobyl, built a month after the accident to facilitate the traffic of military vehicles; - An almost fully buried village of Kopachi with a remaining kindergarten; - A decontaminated Red Forest at place of the first and worst radioactive fall-out; - The town of Pripyat populated by 50 thousand people before the evacuation;- The hospital receiving the fire fighters and NPP workers, badly affected by the accident; - A river port and the most prestigious Pripyat café at the embankment; - A town hall – the first headquarters for mitigation of the accident consequences;- Polissya hotel, a correction point for helicopters dropping lead bags over the 4th reactor ruins;- Energetic Palace of culture, the main recreational site for the Prypyat youth;- Ferris wheel in the amusement park which was never open;- A fire station, the crew were the second to extinguish fire at the NPP at night of the disaster on April 26, 1986; - Chernobyl NPP: - The Sarcophagus and the New Safe Confinement ("Arch") – an observation point at a 300 m distance; - A fire station at the NPP, the crew arrived the first to extinguish fire at the NPP after explosion, - A NPP cooling pond (feeding giant catfish – depending on the season); - Cooling towers of the Chernobyl NPP 3rd generation; - The secret soviet object Chernobyl-2 (radar "DUGA-1"). Giant radar antenna "DUGA-1", secret town of Chernobyl-2 which provided the efficiency of antennas and horizon tracking of the launching of ballistic missiles. - The town of Chernobyl. - Ecologically-clean dinner in a Chernobyl state canteen for the Exclusion zone workers (vegetarian meal available upon request). Tour includes: all formal permissions, comfortable auto transportation Kiev-Zone-Kiev (air conditioning, viewing a selection of documentary films on the route), professional English-speaking guide (or guide plus interpreter), maximally permitted time of stay in the Zone (leaving Kiev at 8.00 a.m., arriving back at 7.30 - 8.30 p.m.), extended program of the visit, teaching skills of radiation survival, compulsory insurance, route map and personal certificate about visit to the Chernobyl zone.

$22.85 Transfers & Ground Transport

Private Arrival Transfer: Kiev Boryspil International Airport to Kiev Hotel

Your driver will be waiting for you at the arrival gate, holding your name sign. He will be glad to assist you with your luggage. You will be escorted to your private vehicle and taken to your centrally located Kiev hotel or apartment. You will enjoy a comfortable ride and see some of the capital's sights as the driver takes you to your final destination in Kiev.Vehicles are available for a different number of passengers, and are in top visual and technical condition. You can choose a Sedan, a Minivan (Mercedes Vito/Viano) or Minibus (Mercedes Sprinter) for your transfer.Distance from Boryspil Airport to the centrally located Kiev hotels is about 33 km.Please, include the following information when booking: Name of the airlines & flight number Arrival time Name & address of your hotel Your mobile phone

$22.85 Transfers & Ground Transport

Private Departure Transfer: Kiev Boryspil International Airport from Kiev Hotel

Meet your driver, holding your name sign, at the reception of your hotel at the appointed time. He will be glad to assist you with your luggage. Sit back and relax with stress-free transfer, avoiding the hassle of arranging a taxi at the last minute or traveling by public transport. Vehicles are available for a different number of passengers, and are in top visual and technical condition. You can choose a Sedan, a Minivan (Mercedes Vito/Viano) or Minibus (Mercedes Sprinter) for your transfer.Distance from the centrally located Kiev hotels to Boryspil Airport is about 33 km.

$28.56 Tours & Sightseeing

Small-Group Panoramic City Tour of Kiev

Meet your guide at the reception of your hotel and start a fascinating 3-hour city tour. You will see how beautiful Kiev is and admire the city’s main attractions. Our first stop will be at the magnificent St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral, where you will see beautiful paintings of M. Vasnetsov and discover the relics of St. Barbara. Not far from this sight, there is a splendid building of the National Opera and Ballet Theatre, built in 1901. Your expert guide will show you a famous historical monument – the Golden Gates, surrounded by a cozy park. You will see St. Sofia Cathedral, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and the B. Khmelnitsky Monument in front of it. You will walk through the cobbled streets of the historical part of the city and admire a dazzling St. Michael’s Cathedral and St. Andrew’s Church. You will learn many interesting facts about Kiev and uncover the secrets of the city’s centuries-old history.Later, you will see an impressive building of the National University of T. Shevchenko and discover a monument to a famous poet, situated in a charming park. Moreover, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the Dnieper River from the observation deck near the Kiev Founders Monument.You will also explore the main Kiev square – Maidan Nezalezhnosti and take a walk through the Kreschatik Street. You will enjoy the friendly atmosphere of this small-group tour and your expert guide will tell you a lot of interesting and useful information about Kiev. The tour will end with the drop-off at your centrally located hotel.

$79.97 Private & Custom Tours

Kiev City Tour with a Private Guide

The tour starts from your centrally-located hotel. Your guide and private driver will be waiting for you at reception. On this exciting 3-hour sightseeing tour, you will visit all the must-see Kiev attractions and hear a lot of interesting information about the city’s history and modern life.First, you will see the Kiev Founder’s Monument, situated in a cozy square just near the Dnieper River. According to the legend the city was founded by three brothers, Kiy, Scheck, Khoryv and their sister Lybid, and therefor named after the elder brother. The next stop will be at the Askold’s Grave, a historical landmark on the picturesque hill. Admire the beautiful Rotunda Church and the monument to St. Andrew the Apostle.The highlight of the tour is a visit of the magnificent St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral. This is a splendid architectural pearl, with beautiful paintings of V. Vasnetsov. Moreover, the relics of St. Barbara are kept in the cathedral and people from all over the world come here to worship them.Traveling in comfort with your private driver, you will discover such Kiev’s attractions as the building of National Opera and Ballet Theater, the Golden Gates and the monument to Bohdan Khmelnitsky in front of the St. Sofia Cathedral (optional visit). Your guide will show you the impressive National Taras Shevchenko University that faces a marvelous park where the T. Shevchenko Monument is situated. Take a walk through the Kreschatik Street and visit the main square of Kiev, Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Your guide will happily customize the itinerary of the tour according to your needs. The tour will end with a drop-off at your hotel.