Afriart Gallery


This classy little gallery features works by serious local artists. Downstairs has changing monthly exhibits, while upstairs is a permanent collection, but everything is for sale.

It's just off Kira Rd on a side road adjacent to the football field.

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1. Karibu Art Gallery

0.09 MILES

An artist-run gallery and studio featuring emerging and established Ugandan abstract and contemporary artists.

2. Umoja Art Gallery

0.36 MILES

A small contemporary gallery featuring Ugandan paintings and abstract sculptures in monthly shows.

3. Uganda Museum

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There’s plenty to interest you here with a varied and well-captioned ethnographic collection covering clothing, hunting, agriculture, medicine, religion…

4. AKA Gallery at Tulifanya

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Formerly known as Tulifanya, this well-established gallery has knowledgeable owners who can inform you about artists who matter. It features a notable…

5. Nommo Gallery

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Established by the Ugandan Culture Centre in 1964, Nommo is a reliable spot for quality artwork.

6. Makerere Art Gallery

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Small, but definitely worth a visit, with fascinating monthly exhibitions; check the website for events. There are also some cool sculptures on the…

7. Parliament House

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Open to the public, a visit to parliament is an interesting way to spend an hour or two. You can either tour the building or see the government in action …

8. Kampala Hindu Temple

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Right in the city centre, this temple has elaborate towers and a swastika-emblazoned gate. Peek inside to see the unexpected dome.