Tokat Castle

Central Anatolia

Tokat's 5th-century castle was restored during the Seljuk and Ottoman eras but little remains today except the fine view. To get here, take the road beside the Sümbül Baba Türbesi; it's about a 1km walk uphill. Some female travellers have been harassed at this lonely spot so it's best to not head up here solo.

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1. Deveciler Hanı

0.78 MILES

The enormous 16th-century Ottoman Deveciler Hanı is one of Tokat's finest caravanserais. A long restoration of the building has finished and although its…

2. Takyeciler Cami


The 16th-century Takyeciler Cami features the nine-domed style of great Ottoman mosques. Heading up Sulusokak Caddesi from GOP Bulvarı, it's just after…

3. Yağıbasan Medresesi

0.82 MILES

This spectacular medrese (seminary) across the road from Tokat Museum was built in 1152 and was one of Anatolia's first open-domed medreses. Although the…

4. Ulu Cami

0.84 MILES

Tokat's historic neighbourhood of slouching Ottoman houses, nestled at the foot of the castle hill, hides this gem of a mosque with floral motifs crawling…

5. Tokat Museum

0.85 MILES

Tokat's impressive museum is housed within the beautifully restored Arastalı Bedesten (covered market). The collection packs in intricately decorated…

6. Tokat City Museum

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Opened in 2019, this small museum, directly opposite Tokat Museum, focuses on the history of the city. Unfortunately there are no English explanations…

7. Sulu Han

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Unfortunately locked on our last visit, the brick-and-wood Sulu Han is very dilapidated but is worth a peek inside if it's open to see its turquoise and…

8. Ali Tusi Türbesi

0.91 MILES

Walking up Sulusokak from GOP Bulvarı, you'll see the tiny Ali Tusi Türbesi on the right. This red-brick Seljuk tomb dates from 1233 and incorporates some…