Sümbül Baba Türbesi

Central Anatolia

This octagonal Seljuk tomb dates from 1291 and is a few hundred metres north of the Taş Han.

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1. Gök Medrese

0.14 MILES

Constructed after the fall of the Seljuks and the coming of the Mongols by local potentate Pervane Muhinedin Süleyman, the 13th-century Gök Medrese has…

2. Gülbahar Hatun İmareti


Past the fruit-and-vegetable market's squiggle of streets, directly across from the Taş Han, is the Meydan Cami and vaulted Gülbahar Hatun İmareti dating…

3. Taş Han

0.21 MILES

The 17th-century Taş Han is an Ottoman caravanserai and workshop. The shops within its arched arcades sell a mixture of hand-painted yazmas (headscarves)…

4. Ulu Cami

0.38 MILES

Tokat's historic neighbourhood of slouching Ottoman houses, nestled at the foot of the castle hill, hides this gem of a mosque with floral motifs crawling…

5. Ali Tusi Türbesi

0.39 MILES

Walking up Sulusokak from GOP Bulvarı, you'll see the tiny Ali Tusi Türbesi on the right. This red-brick Seljuk tomb dates from 1233 and incorporates some…

6. Sulu Han

0.41 MILES

Unfortunately locked on our last visit, the brick-and-wood Sulu Han is very dilapidated but is worth a peek inside if it's open to see its turquoise and…

7. Ali Paşa Cami

0.42 MILES

Classically Ottoman in architecture, Tokat's Ali Paşa Cami has been finely restored with its vast prayer hall under a grand central dome. It was built…

8. Tokat Museum

0.42 MILES

Tokat's impressive museum is housed within the beautifully restored Arastalı Bedesten (covered market). The collection packs in intricately decorated…