Aya Efimia Rum Ortodoks Kilisesi


This Greek Orthodox church dates from 1830, although there had been a previous church on the same site from the late 17th century. Legend tells us that St Euphemia was a local Christian who, in the 3rd century AD, was tortured and murdered for refusing to pray to a pagan god.

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1. Surp Takavor Ermeni Kilisesi

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2. Kadıköy Produce Market

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3. Street Mural by Dome

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This extraordinarily detailed black-and-white mural of a floating boat was created by German artist Dome in 2012.

4. Street Mural by Amose

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This colourful mural of a woman and child was painted by French street artist Amose Vazimolo, commonly known as Amose.

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Australian street artist Fintan Magee created this massive men-with-buckets mural for the 2017 Mural İstanbul festival.

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Polish artists Chazme and Sepe created this 2014 mural, which is titled İstanbul in acknowledgement of the word's meaning in Ancient Greek ('the City').

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This 2013 work by Italian street artist PixelPancho shows a young boy sitting in the lap of a strange-looking robot fighter.

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