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In recent years locals have been decamping from the European side of town to Asia in ever-increasing numbers, setting up home in the suburbs that are strung south from the Bosphorus (Martyrs of July 15) Bridge. Of these, bustling Kadıköy and its annex Moda are of the most interest to visitors, being home to İstanbul's best produce market, great eateries, convivial cafes, grunge bars and a progressive vibe

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$109.19 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Istanbul Food Walking Tour of Kadikoy

Meet your guide in the Karaköy neighborhood on Istanbul’s European side. One of the city’s oldest districts, the area bursts with old-school eateries and food outlets.Pass tempting baklava shops and cafes and head inside a restaurant for a delicious kahvalti (Turkish breakfast). Savor delights such as kaymak (clotted cream made from buffalo milk), menemen (scrambled eggs with tomato and peppers), and sucuk (spicy sausage), as your guide explains how they’re prepared.Then, catch the ferry across the Bosphorus to Kadıköy. This bustling Asian-side district is an up-and-coming area with cobbled lanes, traditional taverns and lively markets. Walk along streets filled with cafes and tea salons, and listen as your guide tells you about the district's ancient roots as Chalcedon, a Greek colony established in the 7th century BC, and offers interesting snippets about its colorful food scene.At the fish market (Balik Pazari), browse the stalls selling fresh fish, mezes and deli-style goodies, and perhaps sample some delicacies such as olives and grilled fish. Then, call at different eateries and shops to try some mouth-watering, classic baklava or other desserts — all proof of the Turks’ sweet tooth!Toward lunchtime, visit one of Kadıköy’s best-loved restaurants, Çiya Sofrası, whose chefs recreate dishes from around Turkey. Dig into delectable specialities such as ezogelin (red lentil soup), güveç (oven-baked meat and vegetable stew), pirzola (lamb chops) and katmer (flaky pastry filled with pistachio nuts), and other foods inspired by traditional regional recipes. Then, finish at an authentic coffee house with a cup of classic, strong Turkish coffee.Afterward, catch the ferry back to Karaköy, where your tour ends.

$98.27 Tours & Sightseeing

Istanbul Asian Side: Uskudar and Kadikoy

Begin your small-group experience with a pickup from your Istanbul hotel. Then, take in the bustling streets as you travel by air-conditioned minivan to one of the Marmaray train stations on the city’s European side.With your guide at your side, hop aboard one of the Marmaray commuter trains, and glide through the tunnel under the Bosphorus to the city’s Asian side. Emerge into the daylight at Üsküdar and start your walking tour of this historical district, famous for its surfeit of magnificent mosques. Head down streets lined by Ottoman-era villas and visit the 16th-century Mihrimah Sultan and Aziz Mahmut Hudayi mosques — both impressive examples of Ottoman architecture.Visit Yeni Valide mosque and admire the simple beauty of the tiny Semsi Pasa mosque on the Bosphorus waterfront. Next, take a closer look at Mimar Sinan, an ornate Turkish bathhouse built by the 16th-century Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. Pass through Üsküdar’s atmospheric fish market, a covered archway alive with the hollers of fish vendors, and sit down for a 3-course lunch at a traditional Turkish restaurant.Feeling refreshed, catch another Marmaray train to the district of Kadıköy. Hear why this lively area was once known as chalcedon or the “city of the blind,” and stroll along the waterside to admire the historical buildings near the Bosphorus. Delve into the cobbled lanes and churches behind the quayside, wander through Kadıköy’s famous fish market, and explore the trendy district of Moda with its popular tea shops, tattoo parlors and restaurants.Afterward, board a ferry for a 20-minute ride across the Bosphorus back to the European side. Soak up the views of Europe and Asia as you cruise, and then finish your tour with a hotel drop-off.Please note: the order of activities as described above may be subject to change on the day of your tour.

$77.75 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Istanbul Food Walking Tour of Kadikoy

Meet your private guide in Karaköy on Istanbul’s European side and ride a ferry across the Bosphorus to the less-visited Asian side to discover its authentic food haunts. While you sail, soak up the city views and enjoy some refreshing tea as your guide explains how Turkey’s history is inextricably linked with its food and, in particular, its spices.On arrival, delve into the bustling fish and vegetable markets of the local streets. Browse the colorful stands and discover foods native to Turkey, including unusual delicacies such as unripe melons and green plums. Peruse exotic spice shops, get the inside track on why saffron is more expensive than gold, and hear how Turks eat differently at home than when dining out.Continue into Kadıköy, the buzzy district of cobbled lanes, traditional taverns, and markets. Its tiny eateries are often missed by visitors, so let your guide introduce you to some of the best to try their wares. Dishes change, but you can expect to try classics such as kofte (meatballs) alongside stuffed mussels and sun-dried fruit. Turkish dairy treats, such as yogurt with homemade honey and local raw buffalo cheese, are often there to tempt you, too.Wash down the samples with favorite local drinks, such as a frothy yogurt drink. Although the samples amount to a generous meal, be sure to leave space for Turkey’s famously sweet treats, such as baklava.Finish at a coffee shop with an authentic Turkish coffee and then end your tour here if you wish to continue exploring independently. Alternatively, catch the boat back to the European side with your guide and finish at the ferry port.

$125 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Istanbul Food Tour Including Tastings

The secret is out: Istanbul is a great food city. The rub, though, is how to take advantage of the wealth of incredible eats in this historic city. This 6-hour guided culinary-themed tour solves that problem with a route that takes you through the neighborhoods of Karaköy and Eminönü neighbourhoods on the European side and Kadiköy on the Asian side.Meet your guide, an expert on the city at the meeting point. Be sure to come hungry! Sample more than 10 different types of street food and drink as you stroll around the city’s burgeoning neighborhoods. The samples change often but typically include various mezes including fish, desserts and kokoreç, an adventurous dish of goat or lamb intestines, wrapped around offal. Walk through some of the local food markets and visit Rustem Pasha Mosque, one of the most beautiful — and eye-catching — mosques in the city.With your belly full, wander to a local workshop learn about Turkish coffee and Turkish delight. Learn how the country’s famous strong coffee is made, and create your very own version of the colorful Turkish delight, with whatever coating you wish.The tour ends in the Karaköy or Sultanahmet neighborhood in the late afternoon. If you have more time to kill, continue with your guide to a nearby pottery and ceramics workshop to see some local crafts in action.Please note: Rustem Pasha Mosque is currently closed for restoration. You will visit the 'New Mosque' instead.

$155.67 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Walking Tour for Foodies in Istanbul with Tastings

Meet your guide in the lobby of your hotel for an 8-hour tour of the tastiest side of Istanbul. Hop on a transcontinental ferry, where you can sip hot tea in tulip-shaped glasses and feed the swooping seagulls while soaking in the majestic views of the old city skyline. You’ll land in Kadikoy, a neighborhood on Istanbul’s Asian shore, and explore the colorful food and fish markets. Stroll up lively streets lined with restaurants and pause at a local coffee house, where you can sample dark aromatic Turkish coffee, served black and thick over the grounds. Travel by tram to the Moda neighborhood, where you can try freshly made ice cream or a hot creamy cinnamon-infused drink called sahlep. Meander past the tree-shaded tea gardens that dot the seaside and arrive at Bahariye Street, a vibrant shopping street bustling with activity. At a special dessert shop, sample a mysterious Turkish pudding called tavuk gogsu. Stop for lunch at Yanyali Fehmi Lokantasi and taste soup, kebabs, and other traditional Turkish food. Ride the ferry back to the European side of the city and observe a baklava cooking demonstration. Afterwards, you’ll explore the Egyptian Spice Bazaar, where your guide will tell you about the history of this covered market. Your final stop will be the famous Haci Bekir Sekercisi shop, which is known for lokum, or Turkish delight. You can purchase these bright sweets in vacuum-sealed containers to transport home. Conclude the tour at the Sirkeci tram stop and independently return to your hotel.

$120 Tours & Sightseeing

Cross-Continental Tour to the Asian Istanbul

Not many people can say they’ve crossed continents via ferry and within minutes. This full-day tour allows you those bragging rights. What’s more, though, is that this small-group guided tour is an immersion into Turkish culture. Get picked up at your hotel and make your way to the ferry. After crossing the Bosphorus Strait, take a walking tour of Üsküdar. Stroll through the market, perhaps sampling some sweet and savory snacks, and then stop into the 16th-century Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, designed by Mimar Sinan, one of the most prolific architects of the Islam world. As a contrast visit Sakirin Mosque in Karacaahmet Cemetery, the most modern mosque in Turkey. Learn about the history and culture of the places from the guide.In the Kadıköy neighborhood, walk down the market streets and sample up to five different local delicacies. You'll also learn how Turkish coffee is produced and sit down with locals while sipping it. After a ferry ride back to the European side, partake in a class that teaches how to make Turkish delight, creating your very own and using the covering of your choosing.Please note: A minimum of two people per booking is required.