Kalburlu Kilisesi


A stroll of about 2km from the Monastery Valley ticket office takes you to a gorge bordered by high cliffs. The first rock-cut building you see here is this church with an ornate entrance chiselled out of the cliff.

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1. Kömürlü Kilisesi

0.08 MILES

This church is next door to the Kalburlu Kilisesi in Monastery Valley. Note the entrance with its finely carved lintel and Maltese crosses.

2. Sivişli Kilisesi

0.55 MILES

This small church is opposite the Büyük Kilise Cami in Monastery Valley. Head up the stairs to see the colourful, damaged frescoes decorating the apse and…

3. Büyük Kilise Cami

0.61 MILES

Just after the Monastery Valley ticket office, you come to the large Büyük Kilise Cami (Mosque of the Great Church), which began life as the Church of St…

4. Monastery Valley

0.64 MILES

The 4.5km Monastery Valley is full of rock-cut churches and dwellings cut into the cliff walls. Exploring it makes for a scenic stroll. From Güzelyurt's…

5. Güzelyurt Underground City

0.65 MILES

Entry into this underground city is beside the Monastery Valley ticket office. The restored complex ranges across several levels and includes one hair…

6. Yüksek Kilise & Manastır

1.25 MILES

This religious complex is perched high on a rock overlooking Güzelyurt lake, some 2km south of a signposted turn-off on the Ihlara road 1km west of…

7. Kızıl Kilise

3.11 MILES

Against a backdrop of stark, sweeping fields, the red masonry of the Kızıl Kilise stands out for miles. One of Cappadocia's oldest churches, it was built…

8. Kokar Kilise

3.61 MILES

This church has some fabulous frescoes – the Nativity and the Crucifixion for starters – dating from the 9th and 11th centuries.