North Gate


About 3km from Pamukkale, on the road to Karahayıt, the northern gate into Hierapolis allows you to enter the site via the necropolis and Frontinus St.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Pamukkale attractions

1. Necropolis

0.32 MILES

The necropolis (cemetery) at Hierapolis rambles across the hills and is one of the most fascinating parts of the ancient city ruins. The path through the…

2. Latrine

0.51 MILES

This large latrine building at Hierapolis has two floor channels, for sewage and for fresh water.

3. Roman Baths

0.57 MILES

This 2nd-century baths complex later became a basilica during the Byzantine era.

4. Agora

0.65 MILES

The vast 2nd-century agora was once surrounded by marble porticoes with Ionic columns on three sides, and enclosed by a basilica on the fourth. It's one…

5. Arch of Domitian

0.69 MILES

The twin-towered ruins of the Arch of Domitian are at the northern end of Hierapolis. Just before them is the surprisingly large latrine building, with…

6. Hellenistic Theatre

0.72 MILES

Hack across the Hierapolis hillside, in a westerly direction from the Martyrium of St Philip the Apostle, and eventually you'll come to a completely…

7. Martyrium of St Philip the Apostle

0.97 MILES

The extraordinary octagonal Martyrium of St Philip the Apostle at Hierapolis is built on the site where it's believed that St Philip was martyred. The…

8. Temple of Apollo

1.12 MILES

The foundations of the Temple of Apollo at Hierapolis remain today. Once the heart of the city, this was where people came to consult the temple's oracle…