Ak Han


Ak Han (c 1251) is a well-preserved Seljuk caravanserai with a beautifully carved gateway. You'll find it en route to the cave Kaklık Mağarası from Pamukkale. It is located just off the Denizli–Kaklık highway, about 1km east of the Pamukkale turn-off.

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1. Kaklık Mağarası

1.24 MILES

A sort of underground Pamukkale, this cave gushes with calcium- and sulphur-rich water. The flow, into a large sinkhole, creates a bright white pyramid…

2. Laodicea

15.61 MILES

Laodicea was once a commercial city straddling two major trade routes, famed for its black wool, banking and medicines. Cicero lived here for a time and…

3. South Gate

15.87 MILES

This entrance gate to Hierapolis is about 2.5km up the hill from Pamukkale village.

4. Byzantine Gate

15.91 MILES

The first monument you come to if you enter Hierapolis at the south gate is this 5th-century travertine block and marble gate.

5. Roman Theatre

15.94 MILES

The Roman theatre is the highlight of Hierapolis, dramatically sitting uphill from the site and overlooking the ruins and mountains beyond. The stage area…

6. Hierapolis

16.02 MILES

This ancient spa city's location atop Pamukkale's tourist-magnet travertines is quite spectacular. Founded as a curative centre around 190 BC by Eumenes…

7. Gymnasium

16.02 MILES

Only a few Doric columns remain from Hierapolis' 1st-century gymnasium, which was one of the social hubs of the ancient city. An earthquake in the 7th…

8. Martyrium of St Philip the Apostle

16.03 MILES

The extraordinary octagonal Martyrium of St Philip the Apostle at Hierapolis is built on the site where it's believed that St Philip was martyred. The…