Honeymooners, start your engines! Fronting onto a magnificent beach, Fafá Island Resort is the most elegant on Tongatapu’s offshore islands, but it makes a great day trip from Nuku'alofa too. Day-trip boats to Fafá depart Faua Jetty at 11am and return at 4.30pm daily.

The resort's traditional-style fale are perfect in their simplicity, with wood-shingle roofs and walls of woven palm leaves. Accommodation starts at T$400 per double (extra person T$90, half/full board T$110/135).

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Pangaimotu

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The closest island resort to Nuku’alofa, Pangaimotu makes an easy day trip. Daily departures (including Sunday) chug out from the wharf beside the Fish…

2. St Mary's Cathedral

3.93 MILES

St Mary's Cathedral, near Faua Jetty, is worth visiting for its beautiful rose gardens, stained glass and vaulted ceiling.

3. Royal Palace

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Encircled by expansive lawns and casuarina trees, the white weatherboard Victorian-style Royal Palace, erected in 1867, is the pinnacle of Tongan grandeur…

4. Talamahu Market

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5. Centenary Chapel

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6. Basilica of St Anthony of Padua

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7. Fishing Pigs

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As you round the coast to the north of Mu’a, keep an eye out for Tonga's famed fishing pigs. When the tide is out, these unusual porkers trot out into the…

8. Royal Tombs

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Mala’ekula, the large parklike area opposite the basilica, has been the resting place of the royals since 1893. The statue-studded white concrete tomb…