Ha’atafu Beach

Top choice in Tongatapu

On the sunset side of the island, Ha’atafu Beach is a sandy slice protected by a reef, where some of Tonga's best surf peels in (experienced surfers only need apply). There’s sheltered swimming and snorkelling at high tide in the broad lagoon. If your timing is good (June to November), you can sometimes spy whales cavorting beyond the reef.

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1. Abel Tasman Monument

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At the northwestern tip of Tongatapu is a modest monument commemorating Dutchman Abel Tasman's 'discovery' of Tongatapu in 1643. He was on his way back to…

2. Flying Foxes

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5. Mapu’a ‘a Vaea Blowholes

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6. Royal Residences


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8. Royal Tombs

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