Hufangalupe Archway

Top choice in Tongatapu

Near nowhere in particular is this impressive arch, aka ‘the pigeon’s doorway’ – a natural land bridge over the pounding Pacific waves, formed when the roof of a sea cave collapsed. Walk across the top and peer into the pit, then gaze west along the craggy coast. No fences – watch your step.

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1. Captain Cook Landing Site

4.99 MILES

A modest cairn above a mangrove inlet near Holonga village marks the spot where Captain Cook came ashore in 1777 (on his third trip to Tonga) and where…

2. ‘Anahulu Cave


Tongatapu’s most famous cave is an over-loved, slightly eerie place full of stalactites and stalagmites, and blackened from the soot of flaming-frond…

3. Mu’a

6.23 MILES

The Mu’a area contains Tonga's richest concentration of archaeological remnants. In AD 1200, Tu’itatui, the 11th of the Tu’i Tonga kings, moved the royal…

4. Royal Residences

7.07 MILES

South of Nuku’alofa, between Tofoa and Pe’a, you’ll pass the private royal residences of the Princess, adorned with white tigers and cannons, and the King…

5. St Mary's Cathedral

7.19 MILES

St Mary's Cathedral, near Faua Jetty, is worth visiting for its beautiful rose gardens, stained glass and vaulted ceiling.

6. Basilica of St Anthony of Padua

7.57 MILES

Nuku'alofa's most distinctive structure is the Basilica of St Anthony of Padua, opposite the Royal Tombs. It has a beautiful interior of stained glass,…

7. Royal Tombs

7.64 MILES

Mala’ekula, the large parklike area opposite the basilica, has been the resting place of the royals since 1893. The statue-studded white concrete tomb…

8. Talamahu Market

7.72 MILES

Want to see the real of Nuku’alofa? Wander through the aisles at Talamahu, Tonga's main fresh-produce hub. You’ll find produce piled into handmade woven…