De Museumfabriek


Designed to pique and inspire curious minds of all ages, this unusual gallery mixes history-related exhibits with applied arts, local traditional crafts, natural history, science and technology. Highlights of its permanent collection include a 3.6m-tall skeleton of a mammoth, a life-sized reproduction of a traditional thatched-roof lös hoes (one-room homestead shared by both a family and its livestock) and various pioneering aircraft from the 1920s. The final room showcases several 19th-century weaving looms that make an absolute din when in action.

Find the avant-garde museum aptly at home in a former textile factory (spot 'JJ Rozendaal' written on the red-brick tower) from 1907, the only vintage building in Enschede's recently rebuilt Roombeek district to survive the town's firework disaster in 2000. Temporary exhibitions change twice a year.

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