North Holland

Off the coast of Muiden lies a derelict fort on the island of Pampus. This massive 19th-century bunker was a key member of the Stelling van Amsterdam (Defence Line of Amsterdam), a ring of 42 fortresses that were ultimately rendered useless by aerial warfare. It's now a Unesco World Heritage Site and is great fun to explore; there's a free audioguide. Ferries to Pampus depart from Muiderslot port on a seasonal schedule; check the website for details. The trip takes 25 minutes.

You can also take a direct 40-minute ferry here from the eastern Amsterdam neighbourhood of IJBurg.

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Nearby North Holland attractions

1. Muiderslot

2.05 MILES

Built in 1280 by Count Floris V, son of Willem II, the exceptionally preserved moated fortress Muiderslot is equipped with round towers, a French…

2. Blijburg


This artificial beach is a fantastic escape on a sunny day, with a water-sports centre, Surfcenter IJburg, for hiring SUPs and windsurfers. It's the only…

3. Flevopark

5.08 MILES

Formerly a Jewish cemetery, this area was bought by the city in 1956, when it was turned into a park. It has a wilder, more rambling feel than Amsterdam's…

4. Frankendael House

5.78 MILES

This area was rolling countryside several centuries ago. In the 18th century, wealthy Amsterdammers would pass their summers and weekends in large country…

5. Park Frankendael

5.79 MILES

These lovely, landscaped gardens are the grounds of a former country estate; the mansion, Frankendael House, is still standing and there are walking paths…

6. Dappermarkt

5.97 MILES

The busy, untouristy Dappermarkt is a swirl of life and colour, with around 250 stalls. It reflects the Oost's diverse immigrant population, and is full…

7. De Gooyer Windmill

6.03 MILES

This 18th-century grain mill is the sole survivor of five windmills that once stood in this part of town. It was moved to its current spot in 1814, fully…

8. Comenius Museum

6.14 MILES

The 17th-century Czech educational reformer, Jan Amos Komensky (Comenius), is buried in the Waalse Kapel (Walloon Chapel) of the fortress's former…