De Bijlmer

Area in Oosterpark & East of the Amstel

De Bijlmer is a high-rise housing estate that was built in a hexagonal formation in 1966. It's an area that became known for crime and deprivation, and in 1992 was partly destroyed when a 747 jet crashed into two of its blocks. After this, the larger blocks were demolished, and investment led to the area becoming newly known as a centre for entertainment, shopping and innovative architecture. It's accessible by metro, and you arrive via the dramatic Nicholas Grimshaw–designed Bijlmer ArenA station, opened in 2007.

To the west lies Amsterdam ArenA, the Afas Live and Ziggo Dome. To the east is the Amsterdamse Poort shopping complex. When you get off the train, walk towards the Amsterdamse Poort shops. As you continue east you'll pass various mod, glassy office buildings set next to chain stores and small ethnic shops. De Bijlmer holds the city's largest Surinamese population, along with immigrants from West and North Africa.