Replica Stupa

Nakhon Phanom Province

In a pond in front of the temple is a replica of how the original Phra That Phanom could have looked. It was built of bricks from the stupa that fell over in 1975.

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1. Kong Gate

0.12 MILES

Standing tall on the road in front of Wat Phra That Phanom is an arch that symbolically connects the tâht to the Mekong. The block of French Indochinese…

2. Wat Phra That Phanom

0.16 MILES

This temple is a potent and beautiful place – even if you're feeling templed out, you'll likely be impressed. At its hub is a stupa (tâht), more…

3. That Phanom Museum


The museum at Wat Phra That Phanom tells the history (mixed in with the legend) of the tâht and also holds a collection of religious art (alms bowls,…

4. Wat Hua Wiang Rangsi

0.39 MILES

This riverside temple has a bóht built in 1921 and the original paintings inside are simple but interesting. They're central Thai-style rather than Isan…

5. Tai-Lao Open-Border Market

0.45 MILES

This busy market running along the river takes place every Monday and Thursday. It's mostly the same fresh food and household goods found in other Thai…

6. Phra That Renu

7.89 MILES

The Phu Thai town of Renu Nakhon, 15km northwest of That Phanom, hosts a 35m-tall pink-and-white chedi that closely resembles the pre-1941 That Phanom…

7. Dong Natad

22.2 MILES

Dong Natad is a sacred, semi-evergreen forest within a provincial protected area 15km east of Savannakhet. It's home to two villages that have been…

8. That Ing Hang

24.46 MILES

Thought to have been built in the mid-16th century, this well-proportioned, 9m-high thâat is the second-holiest religious edifice in southern Laos after…