Roi Et Tower

Northeastern Thailand

This 101m-tall observation tower was under construction at the time of research, but will eventually lord over the south side of Bueng Phalan Chai. Its upper reaches will be wrapped in giant golden-coloured wot (circular pan pipes used in the traditional music of Isan and parts of Laos).

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1. City Gate

0.05 MILES

Roi Et's modern, decorative city gate marks the main entrance to Bueng Phalan Chai.

2. City Pillar Shrine


The city pillar is attractively located on the island in Bueng Phalan Chai.

3. Roi Et Municipal Aquarium

0.16 MILES

This little aquarium with a walk-through tunnel houses fish found around Isan. Most of the tanks are rather plain and sad, but the walk-through tank has…

4. Bueng Phalan Chai

0.17 MILES

Tree-shaded, nicely landscaped and criss-crossed by pathways, this island park and its pretty lake are the focal point of Roi Et and attract picnickers,…

5. Roi Et National Museum

0.31 MILES

This interesting museum gives equal billing to ancient artefacts and Isan culture. The 3rd floor features silk weaving, including a good display showing…

6. Wat Klang Ming Muang

0.48 MILES

The first thing most people notice about this old temple, which dates from the late Ayuthaya era, is the unusual four-storey stupa at the back, but the…

7. Wat Neua

0.58 MILES

This temple in the northwest quarter of town has a peaceful ambience. It's known for its 1200-year-old brick chedi from the Dvaravati period, which has an…

8. Wat Burapha

0.61 MILES

The enormous standing Buddha towering above Roi Et's squat skyline is Phra Phuttha Ratana Mongkon Mahamuni (Luang Po Yai for short). Despite being of…