Chiang Mai National Museum

Chiang Mai

Operated by the Fine Arts Department, this museum is the primary caretaker of Lanna artefacts and northern Thai history, covering everything from the region's geographical background and cultural history, to ancient royal kingdoms and Lanna fine art.

Bags must be left in the free lockers by the ticket desk. To make your trip here more worthwhile, combine this with a visit to Wat Chet Yot and the Chinese cemetery.

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1. Wat Chet Yot

0.28 MILES

This wát was established by King Tilokarat in 1455 as part of an effort to prevent a predicted decline in Buddhism. It still has much of its original…

2. Chinese Cemetery

0.32 MILES

Tucked away on a quiet soi behind the National Museum, this peaceful cemetery is lined with elegant Chinese gravestones, whose level of ornamentation…

3. Anusawari Singh

0.38 MILES

Just beyond Rte 11 in the north of the city, these two stucco lions were built by Chao Kavila to scare off would-be Burmese invaders. Seemingly forgotten…

4. Elephant Monument

0.99 MILES

These two elephant statues in stucco pavilions were said to have been erected by King Chao Kavila in 1800.

5. Wat Ku Tao

1.03 MILES

Behind the Muang Chiang Mai sports stadium, photogenic, 1631 Wat Ku Tao incorporates many Burmese and Confucian elements. The distinctive chedi is said to…

7. Wat Lok Moli

1.14 MILES

A handsome wooden complex dotted with terracotta sculptures, this is one of the most attractive wát outside the city walls. It is thought to have been…

8. Pratu Chang Pheuak

1.28 MILES

The 'Elephant Gate' is the north gate of the old city. A morning fresh market and nighttime food stalls set up daily just outside the gate.