Wat Lok Moli

Chiang Mai

A handsome wooden complex dotted with terracotta sculptures, this is one of the most attractive wát outside the city walls. It is thought to have been founded in the 14th century for monks from Burma, and its location near the Chang Phuak Gate later made it useful for visiting royalty. The wí·hăhn is topped by a dramatic sweeping three-tiered roof and the tall, barrel-shaped chedi contains the ashes of a few members of the Mangrai Dynasty.

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1. Pratu Chang Pheuak

0.26 MILES

The 'Elephant Gate' is the north gate of the old city. A morning fresh market and nighttime food stalls set up daily just outside the gate.

2. Former Chiang Mai Women's Prison

0.37 MILES

The derelict premises of the old women's prison are a surprising landmark in the old city. The place was slated for demolition after the prison's closure…

3. Elephant Monument

0.39 MILES

These two elephant statues in stucco pavilions were said to have been erected by King Chao Kavila in 1800.

4. Wat Chiang Yuen

0.44 MILES

Another unique local temple is 16th-century Wat Chiang Yeun, just northeast of Pratu Chang Pheuak. Besides the large northern-style chedi here, the main…

5. Chiang Mai Historical Centre

0.46 MILES

Housed in an airy Lanna-style building behind the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre, this appealing museum covers the history of Chiang Mai Province,…

7. Wat Chiang Man


Chiang Mai's oldest temple was established by the city's founder, Phaya Mengrai, sometime around 1296. In front of the ubosot (ordination hall), a stone…