Wat Phai Lom


Begun in the early 18th century, this sizeable complex features a high, ornate ordination hall with fresco decoration and another building with an enormous reclining Buddha.

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2. Gem Market

0.28 MILES

Every weekend, the normally quiet streets near Th Si Chan (or 'Gem Road') burst into life as gem traders arrive to bustle and bargain. It's incongruously…

3. Chanthaboon Learning House

0.32 MILES

This traditional house in the heart of the waterside district has some interesting old and new photographs of the area, as well as a small garden and shop…

4. Chanthaboon Waterfront Community

0.39 MILES

Hugging the banks of Mae Nam Chanthaburi, this charismatic area is filled with restored houses and elderly residents who sit around reminiscing about old…

5. Clock Tower


This simple clock tower is near King Taksin Park.

6. King Taksin Park

0.88 MILES

The town’s main oasis fills with joggers and picnicking families. It’s a pleasant spot for an evening stroll; there's a lake, an island centred on a…

7. Chanthaburi Lak Meuang Shrine

0.98 MILES

This popular shrine holds the lak meuang (pillar of the city), which people adorn with gold leaf. The pillar has both symbolic and spiritual significance…

8. Namtok Phlio National Park

7.12 MILES

The popularity of this national park is evidenced by the food stalls lining the road to the entrance. A pleasant short nature trail loops around…