Laem Son National Park

Laem Son National Park

The Laem Son National Park covers 315 sq km of land, shared by the Ranong and Phang-Nga Provinces, and includes around 100km of Andaman Sea coastline – the longest protected shore in the country – as well as over 20 idyllic islets. Much of the coast here is covered with mangrove swamps, home to various species of birds, deer and monkeys (including crab-eating macaques), often seen while you’re driving along the road to the park headquarters.

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1. Wat Phayam

10.89 MILES

Shrouded in jungle just north of the main pier, on Ko Phayam's east coast, you'll find a majestic golden Buddha here flanked by a three-headed naga …

2. Moken Village

11.71 MILES

A Moken (Sea Gypsy) village is located at the western side of Buffalo Bay. From the end of the road you need to walk through deep sand and cross a river…

3. Wat Ban Ngao

20.07 MILES

This pretty refuge at the base of a hill was originally a resting place for Buddhist pilgrims. A temple was constructed on the site in 1987. You can hike…

4. Ngao Waterfall National Park

20.49 MILES

Located 12km south of Ranong, this 668-sq-km park preserves a rainforest and a 300m-high tiered waterfall. A short trail leads up to a section of the…

5. Pornrang Hot Springs

23.29 MILES

This hot-spring area 6km south of Ranong offers several pools of varying temperatures and a cooler pool for swimming fed by a stream. Your entry ticket…

6. Thahtay Kyun

24.25 MILES

Opposite Kawthoung, this beach-free private island, known in Moken as Pulau Ru, is home to Andaman Club. The resort offers trips to beaches on Zadetgale…

7. Cape Bayint Naung

26.44 MILES

At the southern end of the harbour lies this modest park, named for King Bayinnaung, a Burmese monarch who invaded Thailand several times between 1548 and…

8. Anandar Paya

26.91 MILES

Towering over Kawthoung is this hilltop temple with great views of the city.