Ko Cheuk

Trang Beaches & Islands

The small karst islet of Ko Cheuk sits between Ko Muk and Ko Ngai. It has a small and slender sandy beach and is good for snorkelling.

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1. Ko Waen

1.61 MILES

This small karst islet lies between Ko Muk and Ko Ngai and is a popular snorkelling stop.

2. Tham Morakot

4.14 MILES

A beautiful limestone tunnel leads 80m into a cave on Ko Muk's west coast. No wonder pirates buried treasure here. You have to swim through the tunnel,…

3. Hat Lodung

4.96 MILES

Humble, local-flavoured Hat Lodung is a short walk from the main pier, on Ko Muk's eastern side. If you're facing the sea, Hat Lodung is left of the pier…

4. Hat Farang

5.08 MILES

Turquoise water kisses a lovely, crescent-shaped beach overlooked by thickly forested hillsides at Hat Farang, also known as Hat Sai Yao but more usually…

5. Hat Sivalai

5.64 MILES

Motoring into green-clad Ko Muk and landing on the sugary white sandbar of Hat Sivalai is a great way to start your stay. The slender beach runs to an…

6. Hat Sunset

6.59 MILES

A short signposted track at the south end of the main beach leads past the Paradise Lost guesthouse and over the ridge to Hat Sunset, a mostly wet and…

7. Hat Chang Lang

7.86 MILES

Casuarina-backed Hat Chang Lang is the prettiest beach on this strip of coast. The Hat Chao Mai National Park Headquarters is at the southern end of the…

8. Hat Chao Mai National Park

7.98 MILES

This 231-sq-km park covers the shoreline from Hat Pak Meng to Laem Chao Mai, and encompasses the islands of Ko Muk, Ko Kradan and Ko Cheuk (plus a host of…