500px Photo ID: 143659299 - Два необитаемых островка посреди индийского океана. Единственные жители здесь - вараны и белки. Дословно острова называются как остров белки левый и правый

Sidelnikov Timur / 500px

Ko Rok Nai

Ko Lanta

Part of the Mu Ko Lanta National Park, Ko Rok Nai is very beautiful, with a crescent-shaped bay backed by cliffs, fine coral reefs and a sparkling white-sand beach. It's off limits to visitors from 16 May to 31 October.

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Nearby Ko Lanta attractions

1. Ko Rok Nok

1.39 MILES

Ko Rok Nok has fine coral reefs and you can camp here with permission from Mu Ko Lanta National Park headquarters. The island is off limits to visitors…

2. Hat Sunset

14.58 MILES

A short signposted track at the south end of the main beach leads past the Paradise Lost guesthouse and over the ridge to Hat Sunset, a mostly wet and…

3. Ko Waen

17.25 MILES

This small karst islet lies between Ko Muk and Ko Ngai and is a popular snorkelling stop.

4. Ko Cheuk

17.72 MILES

The small karst islet of Ko Cheuk sits between Ko Muk and Ko Ngai. It has a small and slender sandy beach and is good for snorkelling.

5. Laem Tanod

17.96 MILES

The wild, jungled mountainous southern tip of the island has sheer drops and massive views for intrepid motorbikers. The road to the Mu Ko Lanta National…

6. Mu Ko Lanta National Park

18.1 MILES

Established in 1990, this marine national park protects 16 islands in the Ko Lanta group, including the southern tip of Ko Lanta Yai. The park is…

7. Tham Morakot

18.6 MILES

A beautiful limestone tunnel leads 80m into a cave on Ko Muk's west coast. No wonder pirates buried treasure here. You have to swim through the tunnel,…

8. Ao Mai Phai

18.69 MILES

A luscious, nearly forgotten cove at the southwestern curve just before the cape, this is one of Lanta's finest beaches. It's backed by elegant palm…