Ao Mai Phai

Ko Lanta

A luscious, nearly forgotten cove at the southwestern curve just before the cape, this is one of Lanta's finest beaches. It's backed by elegant palm groves, with a rock reef jutting north, a jungle-swathed headland to the south and jade waters in between. Nature magic gleams here.

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Nearby Ko Lanta attractions

1. Mu Ko Lanta National Park

0.98 MILES

Established in 1990, this marine national park protects 16 islands in the Ko Lanta group, including the southern tip of Ko Lanta Yai. The park is…

2. Laem Tanod

1.01 MILES

The wild, jungled mountainous southern tip of the island has sheer drops and massive views for intrepid motorbikers. The road to the Mu Ko Lanta National…

3. Ao Kantiang

1.51 MILES

This superb southwestern sweep of sand backed by mountains is also its own self-contained village with minimarts, internet cafes, motorbike rental and…

4. Tham Seua

3.39 MILES

Reached via a signposted track heading east off the national park headquarters road, 2km south of Hat Khlong Nin, Tham Seua has interesting tunnels to…

5. Ban Si Raya

3.63 MILES

Located halfway down Lanta's eastern coast, Ban Si Raya was the island's original port and commercial centre, providing a safe harbour for Arab and…

6. Tham Khao Maikaeo


Monsoon rains pounding away at limestone crevices for millions of years have created this complex of caverns and tunnels. There are cathedral-size…

7. Hat Khlong Nin

4.89 MILES

Lovely white-sand Hat Khlong Nin has lots of small, flashpacker-type guesthouses at its northern end. It’s easy to get dropped off here, then shop around…

8. Hat Khlong Tob

5.69 MILES

This rocky beach isn't suitable for swimming and is mainly used as a harbour by local fishing boats. It's about 12km south of Ban Sala Dan on Ko Lanta's…