Hat Khlong Dao

Ko Lanta

Hat Khlong Dao was once an outstanding 2km stretch of white sand perfect for swimming, but the erosion has become so bad that at high tide there's no beach here at all, just a sea wall. Such loss is a big issue throughout northern Lanta.

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1. Hat Phra Ae


A large travellers’ village, with restaurants oriented to Western tastes, beach bars and tour offices, has grown up along sandy Hat Phra Ae. The beach has…

2. Hat Khlong Khong

4.79 MILES

This is thatched-roof, Rasta-bar bliss, with beach volleyball, moon parties and the occasional well-advertised mushroom shake. Still, it’s all pretty low…

3. Hat Khlong Tob

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This rocky beach isn't suitable for swimming and is mainly used as a harbour by local fishing boats. It's about 12km south of Ban Sala Dan on Ko Lanta's…

4. Hat Khlong Nin


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6. Ko Talabeng

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On the eastern side of Ko Lanta Yai, Ko Talabeng has dramatic limestone caves that you can visit on sea-kayaking tours.

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