Dar es Salaam in detail

Dar es Salaam is known for


Wonder Workshop Watch as disabled artists create jewellery, sculptures and other crafts from recycled materials.

Mwenge Carvers' Market Watch carvers bring blocks of wood to life at this colourful market.

Slipway From the weekend craft fair to upmarket boutiques, the Slipway offers shopping for all tastes and budgets.

Kariakoo Market At Dar es Salaam's biggest and busiest market you can find almost anything.

Nafasi Art Space This is one of the best spots to find paintings from Dar es Salaam's up-and-coming young artists.

Tingatinga Centre Watch artists at work at this wonderful centre filled with colourful Tingatinga paintings.


Bongoyo Island This easy day trip offers sea breezes and soft sands.

Coco Beach Weekends are the best time to enjoy lively, crowded Coco Beach.

Kigamboni Kigamboni's beaches offer a respite from city life and the chance for dhow excursions.

Ras Kutani This lovely slice of paradise is a wonderful spot to unwind.

Kunduchi Beach Kunduchi is a popular family getaway, complete with an adjoining waterpark.


National Museum Learn about Kilwa's Shirazi civilization, the trafficking of enslaved people in Zanzibar, and the German and British colonial periods.

Village Museum Get to know Tanzanian traditional life and culture at this open-air museum.

Azania Front Lutheran Church This is just one of many German-era colonial buildings lining Kivukoni Front.

Kunduchi Ruins Delve into the past at these intriguing ruins north of Dar es Salaam.


Afriroots Experience Dar es Salaam from the ground up on a bicycle tour or history walk.

Alliance Française This French cultural centre also hosts many Tanzanian cultural events.

Kigamboni Community Centre Get involved with the good work being done by this vocational development centre.

Fish Market Early morning is the best time to experience this slice of local life.

Village Museum Enjoy traditional dancing and drumming performances.